Two levels, ages 3-5.

The little ones learn best while playing and having fun... Games, animated movies and songs are part of their everyday lives, and this is not different in our English classes!



Six levels, starting when learners are 6-7 years old, with textbooks which are graded according to their reading and writing skills.

Children learn in a lively atmosphere where they use English in a natural way as they take part in all kinds of collaborative processes: games, role-plays, outings and projects, among other engaging activities.

TEEN STEPS cater for adolescents who wish to develop their English language skills in more enjoyable and challenging communicational contexts.



Six levels, for young adults and adults.

These courses are popular with university students, professionals, travellers and people who just love learning languages.

Each level is tailored to suit our students' interests and needs. Students can choose to learn English in small groups or in one-to-one lessons.

In all cases, the emphasis lies on developing the students' capacity for communication in English.